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Dead Situations

Dead Situations Luke 7:11-17
  Soon afterward he went to a town called Nain, and his disciples and a great crowd went with him. As he drew near to the gate of the town, behold, a man who had died was being carried out, the only son of his mother, and she was a widow, and a considerable crowd from the town was with her. And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her and said to her, “Do not weep.” Then he came up and touched the bier, and the bearers stood still. And he said, “Young man, I say to you arise.” And the dead man sat up and began to speak and Jesus gave him to his mother. Fear seized them all, and they glorified God, saying, “A great prophet has arisen among us!” and “God has visited his people!” And this report about him spread through the whole of Judea and all the surrounding country.
What’s YOUR “dead man?”
– Jesus went to a town called Nain, which was a city within Galilee. With him was his disciples and a large crowd (on-lookers as well as those who genuinely wanted healing from him.). Verse 12 says AS he approached the town gate, a dead person was being carried out. This dead person was the only son of a woman who had already tasted loss through her husband’s passing. She was a widow. Put yourself in her shoes for just a moment. She now has no husband and as a custom in those times was subject to volunteers who heeded to the command of serving widows and orphans. She did have hope though because her son was a young man about to make his presence in the working world, if he already was not working and gaining respect in the town. Her husband’s name was going to be carried on because her son could marry and have children. Now think of the dreams of this single parent for her only child. She probably dreamt of him being successful, marrying (if he already wasn’t), to have loads of grandkids because of him and of course take care of her. He was going to save her from her situation! Then all of a sudden, death takes him! How many of US (not God) have had a plan, we could smell it, we could see it coming to pass and then some form of death takes it? When will we remember that God knows the plans HE has for US (Jeremiah 29:11, emphasis mine)? 

– Now as was customary, she also had a large crowd with her. This crowd was probably included family, friends and even those who just liked the dramatic effects of the mourning process (professional mourners), you know the ones who will be with you when you are down and out? The same ones who are nowhere around when you are “lifted up out of the miry clay” (Psalms 40:2) but are the first ones around whenever you fail? I’m sure there were people asking her “what will you do now? He was your only hope.” Or “what’s going to happen to you after this?” There were more than likely those telling her “well you could just beg. State assistance is there for you.” Even, as if she is not already down, saying “just give up. Your life is not going to get better. You must’ve sinned somehow for all this to happen to you.” Hmm.. do we remember Job’s friends, or Job’s wife? What about David’s wife? It’s funny how people rally around you just to see you down because they don’t feel good about their situations!

– This next verse amazes me. “When the Lord saw her, his heart went out to her and he said, ‘don’t cry.’” Can you imagine?! His large crowd behind him, her large crowd suffocating her, but he SEES her. Out of all the people crying ad carrying on, he sees her! Now I know that it was customary for everyone to wail, even the parents, but I get a different picture of this mom. Let me draw the mental picture for you. She has already lost a lot. She lost her husband who was her primary means of support, probably lost weight from dealing with his death, and of course her voice in the community because women were not heard back then. Now the second blow has to numb her. While she is walking with this funeral procession, the deafening wails which are probably drowned out by her thoughts. All at once, her dreams for her son are gone with him in that casket. That box which carries her flesh, her dreams , her escape. She won’t be able to go on! She has nothing left, just as her “friends” were telling her! She can’t cry because there is nothing inside of her! She is empty. Notice that she is at the very place we must be for Christ to fill us! And just as she is being led, because standing and walking on her own are out of the question, “he sees her.” She stands out, not because of her outer appearance or how loud she is crying, but because of how empty she is on the inside. There is completely nothing left. He is drawn to her inner heartache and emptiness, just as he is drawn to that in us today. He has been there. God has sensed loss, Jesus has felt pain and anguish when he did nothing to deserve it. What’s even better is he doesn’t approach her and just give his condolences, or say you poor woman. She doesn’t run up to him and demand that he bring her son back to her. She can’t. She doesn’t even see him because her numbness has closed her eyes. I wonder did she even know Who she was about to pass by. Umm.. his grace is certainly sufficient! No he does not pass her by, he simply tells her “don’t cry.” Period! Not “don’t cry, I will help” or don’t cry, he’s better off,” something many of us say in our answers to those who have lost. He says, “don’t cry.”

– He then walks over to the coffin, the physical focal point of her pain, where her dead issue lies. The very box that contained her source of help, her dreams, her plans for the future, how many have put God in that very box? He touched it and said, “Young man, I say to you, get up!” At this point, the crowds have to be intensely looking at what will happen. Some in disbelief that he would be so bold, some in anger that he would interrupt their wailing and some even holding their breath waiting for something, anything to happen. I only wonder what was going through that mother’s mind at that time. Was she still so numb to the miracle that was happening in front of her? Did she have a flicker of hope before he spoke to her, or after he spoke to the coffin? Did she even look up from her despair? Some of us do this very thing when we are so caught up in the despair that we miss seeing the miracle that could change our perspective. We only hold on to the “what happens” and miss the “how it happens.”

– At this very point when he speaks this to the coffin, the young man sits up. Not only did he sit up but he began to talk. Okay, push pause here. I notice at this point that whenever someone is dead in Jesus’ ministry time, two things that take place. 1. He speaks (out loud) to them and 2. they obey WITH an action. He told the synagogue ruler’s daughter to rise (Luke 8:54). He told Lazarus to come out in a loud voice ( John 11:43) and this young man he told to get up. Each of them did not just do as he said but with an action. You see, when someone dies, there is still air captured in the body. At a certain time, that air escapes; causing the dead body (notice I did not say person) to make a sudden movement. Whether it’s a jerk, the body sitting up really quick or even taking one last “breath.” Because God knows all and already knew the skeptics that would debunk these miracles because of this, Christ made it so that the resurrections would not be refuted. Now tell me my God doesn’t know all! For what dead person starts talking or walking around?? Case in point, Jesus speaks and the dead obey. We are to imitate Christ. We speak in His name and the dead obey! Whoo!! Okay, un-pause.

– Jesus then gives this young man back to his mother. This is an awesome display of unselfishness by God. He could have told the young man to follow him. I suspect the young man would have too! But where would that have left his mother? Still numb, still disbelieving, still broke and disgusted with her life. He not only wants this man to serve and tell of the mercy he was granted but his mother too. Think of the bitterness she might have experienced if it had gone any other way. She would have been walking around muttering and possibly cursing God. “He could’ve left him in the box for all that! Who told him to come interfere? I’m still in the same position as before! I don’t want to know this God!” Can you imagine and hear the hurt turned to disgust in those words? God is a God of a lot of things, but pain and inequality is not one of them. His love spreads to the ends of the earth. Reaching men as well as women. He wanted the mother as much as He wanted the son. To do this he brought back the son and gave him to his mother. They were both saved! In this he would know who saved his life and she would know who her real Savior is. No one around them could’ve done that. No one knew the plans she had made. You see God knows the plans of our hearts. He knew what future she was hoping for in her son just as He wants us to have hope in the future we have in His Son. What this narration tells me is that my God is compassionate! He does look out for His children while getting His glory! Aw shucks, my God is a multi-tasking God! Watch this! While Jesus saved this woman’s livelihood BY giving her back her dreams and future through her son, he also showed her Who her real Savior is, not her son, his success, her daughter-in-law bearing children. Nothing could save her but Jesus! He also gave God glory in the last two verses (v 16-17). Remember the crowds? His and hers crowds. Verse 16 says, “They were ALL filled with awe and praised God.” They then went and spread “this news” (v 17) all around about Jesus. A 3 in 1 score! That is just like God to do above and exceeding what we can ever ask for! Here’s a news flash: it works when it’s something painful in our lives as well. Let’s do the “what if” game, shall we? What if Jesus had decided to take another route or spend some more time in Capernaum? What if she had other kids or other means of support? What if her husband had not died? No, all of her pain and loss that was felt in however many years, months or days between the death of her husband and son all “worked together for her good.” I love it!

– Do you have a “dead man” in your life? The dead man in this Scripture could be anything dead; your marriage, your ministry, your finances, your dead end j-o-b, your joy, your dreams, etc. What’s dead in your life? What has you so empty that you too, could just roll in a ball and just die? What dreams or plans have died in your arms? Do you know that we serve a God who is able? Not only is He able but He is willing! Jesus could have easily kept walking past the funeral procession, past the mourners, and past the empty woman. Instead he went to her. He met her where she was. In all her pain (losing her husband and son), worry (who was going to take care of her now) and emptiness, HE..met..her! The same can be said of you. When your situation is dead; your marriage, your car, your finances, your job search, your job itself, your womb, your wayward children or spouse; He will see straight into you and have compassion and meet you.

– But He won’t stop there! He won’t just tell you “don’t cry” and then leave. He could and be justified in doing so. But he won’t because He loves AND cares for us. For this reason He will speak on our behalf. Both Matthew 16:19 and 18:18 say whatever we (us, you and I) bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. In other words while we are coming “boldly to the throne of grace” (Hebrews 4:16) and speaking to our situations, there is One who is interceding and speaking in heaven for us. Now understand, without God we just look like a fool speaking to inanimate objects, but “with God, nothing is impossible.” Wow! Tell your situation to get up! Don’t just talk to your husband or kids! Speak to the situation! Don’t just ask God to bless your finances or job, speak life into them! God told Ezekiel to speak to dry, dead dusty bones. The result of, not Ezekiel speaking, but his faith and obedience, was an army standing at attention in front of him (Ezekiel 37:10)! James 1 tells us that if we ask without doubt we will receive. There are two things you need to act as Christ did with the widow in Luke 7, faith and obedience. One without the other will NOT succeed. You will not obey without faith and you cannot have faith yet not obey.

– It starts today even for me! Obey what is told to us speak to that dead situation and as you do so with His authority, in His name, He will be binding or loosing whatever it is and in effect speaking to that situation in Heaven. As we tell our situation “get up” so does He. Take heart, dear one. He is with us in whatever we go through. Sometimes our loss, as much as it hurts, brings about our biggest victory. He is a just and loving God. Our pain is not in vain! Take the authority He has given us, speak to your situation in the His name and know that He will provide. Just remember, He works on His time, not ours. But He does work. 24/7, “even in the midnight hour”. “Don’t cry.” Only believe, speak and watch his blessings manifest! Be blessed!

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I Know!

 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children.” – Hosea 4:6

 In today’s age, people are destroyed, or die, for lack of many things. Poverty brings along with it lack water, food, shelter, etc. People have been known to die in freezing weather because of a lack of shelter or the lack of warm clothing. In smoldering heat, people die from a lack of shelter, water and relief from the heat or air. People all over the nations are dying from a lack of food supply, or famine, and medical attention. Even here in the United States famine is greater than we would like to acknowledge. But the one thing we don’t here of as much is people dying from a lack of knowledge. The sad thing is, most of the lacks I named above, are hosted from a lack of knowledge. The knowledge that they can reach out for help to get food and water, a runner may die of heat exhaustion because of the lack of knowledge to drink plenty of water and seek shelter when overheated. That’s what we even sometimes do in our spiritual walk.

About a decade or more ago, there was a flood of stories in the news about children who had drowned in their own backyards. These seemingly innocent children were wandering out of their houses to go into their fenced in backyards, all safe, to gaze and even play in the pools that their families owned. Knowing how a pool can look when it’s ridiculously hot outside, I’m sure these toddlers and preschoolers only wanted to play in the water like they do in the bath tub, some out of curiosity and some out of relief. But somewhere between getting the latch to the back door open to walking outside alone to being hypnotized by the blue crystal like waves in the water or dropping a toy in the water, they reached in and stretched too far which allowed for them to fall in. Some screams were heard but for the most part they went unheard, being muffled by the overpowering water that seemed to rush over them. Now, I am going to be honest, in my lost state of mind, rushes of judgment came over me as I heard story after story. The questions, I’m sure not just from my mind, of “How could you let this happen?” and, “Where were you that you couldn’t hear your child drowning?” and even, “What kind of parent leaves their child unattended?” rang not only at the TV but also landing in each parents ears. What stemmed from that was a slew of safety devices and pool lock up systems but the most important thing, in my opinion, were the teachings of pool safety. We became aware of dangerous possibilities and even though most would tear up their pools and lock up their kids or chain them to their sides; this wasn’t how to keep them safe. I now know that the lessons, giving them the knowledge is what would.

We all teach our kids safety rules, even in their infancy stage. The word no, even though there was a period when that was said to be wrong, came out of each of our mouths when we saw our newly cruising or newly crawling baby reach for a certain danger. It didn’t stop there. We would then tell them “no” when they would put things into their mouths, try to pull things down from our tables via their new best friends, the table covers and when they were old enough to explore outside even be a few feet away, “stranger danger” was a lesson they were taught. Now none of these lessons were fool proof. Things still happened, accidents and mishaps still occurred, sadly there were children still abducted. But it wasn’t because of our lack of knowledge. And I am convinced that of all the things we could ever pour into, teach, or give our kids, knowledge is the most important. We give them knowledge of God, our love for them, etc. We are most certainly their first teachers and what we give them will stick like a steak and potato meal.

My youngest daughter, who is now 15 going on 35, has always been a little quick with her reach, not always paying attention to what she is reaching over or for. I remember one particular time when she was about 7, she was helping me in the kitchen, she was in love with Rachel Ray and had to make sure I was doing things right and reached over the front burner to grab something. Did I say this child is over-adventurous?! I immediately grabbed her little hand and told her sharply, but lovingly, “Naria don’t reach over the stove like that. Ask for help. You need to pay attention to what you are doing. You could have gotten burned.” I then kissed her, when what I really wanted was to strangle her precious little neck for the near heart attack she about gave me, and told her as she got older, she would be able to reach on her own without the danger of getting burned. Oh why did I say that to her? Did I also mention she is my child that must prove what I say wrong, every time? Time passed and maybe a year later, I was playing with her and noticed a dark mark on her elbow, the same arm that she had reached with. “Mama (my nickname for her), what is this,” I asked. “Oh that is a burn I got when I reached over the stove one time. See I was trying to get the salt (another killer in our family) and I didn’t know the stove was on.” I was flushed with guilt (where was I), anger (didn’t I already tell this child not to do that), and sympathy that she had to dress her own wound with no kiss or love from her mommy (even though that was because she had deliberately disobeyed me). I gave her a hug and told her I have rules to keep her safe and that I was sorry she had to be in pain by herself but to never do that again.

Isn’t that what God does with us His children? He lovingly teaches us, gives us a Book of instructions in black and white for us to read yet we still don’t have knowledge of Him. Wow! That reminds me, a writer once wrote an article for a prestigious newspaper concerning black people, “If you want to keep something from them, put it in a book.” That is profound, so profound that even though he WROTE that and it was published, circulated and even spread through email and other social networks, blacks STILL don’t have knowledge or even know that we can receive it. God wants us to have a full knowledge of Him. He wants us to have wisdom and clarity, read James 1:5 if you don’t believe me or Proverbs is filled with places where through Solomon, God is saying receive His wisdom and the knowledge of Him. Pray and ask Him to give you that today. Don’t perish another day because of your lack of knowledge. I have learned that it is not what you know, but Who.

Father, thank You for Your wisdom You love to bestow on us. Thank you that Your mercy is new every morning and we can start over seeking Your wisdom and the knowledge of Who You are again. Show us Your face, Lord in the midst of who we are. Give us that healthy fear of You and the wisdom and knowledge that comes along with it. In Jesus name. Amen!

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The Beauty in Nature

“God’s voice is glorious in the thunder. We can’t even imagine the greatness of his power.” Job 37:5

 When I was younger, I had a huge fear of thunder. I can remember jumping out of bed and either going with my brother or my parents just to be protected from this invisible being. Anything that was a decibel over a dull roll was too intense for me. I carried that into adulthood and frequently sought out someone who I felt could protect me from this menacing noise. I even, without knowing it, gave this fear to my oldest daughter. When she was younger she would venture into mine and my then husband’s room to seek comfort. I can remember one really bad storm in Omaha that produced thunder that could crack sense into a hard head all by itself! The day started out dark. It was a period when I was working after having my youngest. We had dropped the two youngest off at our friend’s house to watch them and Makaila, my oldest, at school. I remember noticing her slowly get out of the car to come give me a hug and saying to her, “Mikki, you are in a building that can protect you from the thunder, okay?” She made some mentions of the clouds being green (someone had taught her how to know when a tornado was coming, not so helpful at times like these) and what was she going to do if there was a tornado. I assured her that I was not that far away from her and her school had a plan in case such a thing happened, but that it wouldn’t. Well, there was a tornado that touched down that day, farther away from us, thank God, but the rain and wind howled so much that during the tornado warnings we had, our office had to seek shelter. Right after we were allowed to go back to work, I quickly called Makaila’s school and asked about her class and how she was doing (I love close knit, small schools). They assured me that she was fine and was back in class learning. She did inform me later on that night that she was really scared and just thought about what I had said to her, to comfort herself.

I think back to those days and wonder, if I had known this verse in the Bible, how much time I or she would not have wasted being afraid. But God isn’t only in the thunder. He is in nature itself. Society has made up this character named “Mother Nature” and she is used for several things. She is apparently the one who decides our weather, she is also the reason we have earthquakes and the like, you apparently don’t want to mess with her and mix up the order of her things, and she is also the one that apparently calls on women every month. Whew! She has a full load, doesn’t she? I am thankful that I can view nature as much more than some bipolar woman who lives in the abyss with different switches that decide whether we will have a nice day or bad one, whether it will rain or just be cloudy, all depending on her mood.

God has recently been showing me His splendor in nature. How only He can produce the colors we see at the exact time only to have them fade from orangish red into nighttime black skies or reddish orange into blue day skies or even more baffling, grey days. He is showing me the colors of flowers, the creation of things, even how our bodies work with nature. It is an incredible worship time for me and I take loads of pictures just to remember and relive that worship! He has given me talent, I am noticing, in photography and when someone finally gives me a Nikon D3200 camera kit or a Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera kit, or both, I will be publishing the pictures I take as I go from state to state. I will call it The Nature of Worship and it will be a book to remember and stop and wonder of such a God who could do these things He does!

Are you having a bad day? Are you going through a particular hardship right now? Stop and look at His wonders to allow Him to remind you of His love for you. These beautiful wonders are not for His benefit, He didn’t make them just because, He made them for us, so that we could behold His beauty and even in hard times be in awe of the greatness of His power!

God, You are the greatest Artist I know! Your artwork is something to behold yet we pass by it every day and take it for granted. Help us today to see You in nature, to stop and smell the flowers you gave us, to pull over and watch the sunrise or sunsets You don’t have to allow us to see, while we are still in the land of the living. Help us not to take You or Your power for granted. In Jesus name. amen!

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Just Ask

Just Ask

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.  But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.  For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways. James 1:5-8 ESV

My daughter goes to a Christian school in our town called Omaha Christian Academy. She has been there for two and a half years now and my son went there for his last two years of high school due to bullying and bad influences. I am on the prayer team there with two other ladies and we get together weekly to pray for the school, direction, staff, families and kids. A big prayer of faith we have had recently started out as asking God to work in the heart of a potential donor. You see we need a bus for our kids to go on trips, scholastic and sports wise as well as other clubs. We started out saying that we needed to pray for the money to get the bus but then God reminded me of my own prayer holding to the promise that I will have a vehicle of my own and that He would supply it. So I told them this story and said why can God not so this for our school? He is a God of the impossible! HE can supply our needs and He can do without the help or reliance of others!

So anyway, I read devotion the other morning from Joseph Prince and although his devo was about something else, the last sentence in this first paragraph spoke something else to me:

“One of my heroes from the 1800s is a man of faith called George Muller. With faith in God, he built five large orphanages and housed some 2,000 orphans annually. He never asked a soul for money, but brought every need before the Lord. He literally prayed in millions of dollars throughout his life to keep those orphanages going.” -Get God’s Medicine Into You Joseph Prince

Here is an email with a prayer I felt led to pray that I sent when I forwarded this to my two prayer partners and another friend God introduced me to!

“YES!!!! Chew on the first part of this especially about George Muller!!! The first paragraph, last sentence!!!! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!!! PRAISE GOD WHO HEARS AND ANSWERS!!!! We don’t need to pray for new donors per se as much as we do donations!!! And then open our hands and expect to receive!!! James 1:6-8 comes to mind to remember when we pray!! Not to pray and cross our fingers but to pray, with thanksgiving, in expectation of what He already has for us!! The picture I get is of a parent who has something a child is looking at in a store and the child, instead of asking the parent, stares and wonders and even doubts that if he/ she asks that the parent would say yes. But when they finally do look to their parent ask, IT IS GIVEN!!!! Oh I am so excited for what’s in store and how He will blow our minds view!!!

ABBA Father, thank You for this revelation!! Thank You for being so patient and kind while we figure this out and ask others or wonder and doubt!! Would You, Lord, increase our faith TODAY!! Would You prepare signs and wonders for our eyes to see and blow doubt out of the water as we step out of this constricting, limiting boat called comfort and on to the unknown waters You have called us to! Would we not look at our circumstances as our needs and cry out in anguish but look to You, Jesus, and cry out praises instead!? Fill us Lord with your strength to endure! ABBA, remember us with the favor that You bestow upon Your people! Conceive in us new fervor, new strength, new boldness and as our speaker said last November, new COURAGE to step out into the unknown because we know You!! You are a God of the impossible!!! Exceed our requests and expectations today Lord! In Jesus name! AMEN!!!!”

I don’t know what else needs to be said other than we believe we shall see the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living! Not only when He comes to take us Home but now!! I am believing for this bus to be donated just like I am believing for El, our Provider to give me the good and perfect vehicle He has for me!! Whether He uses this donor, Woodhouse, who give freely as the Word says, or He Himself hands it to us, I know that it is on the way!! I do NOT lack wisdom or waver in my prayers for this bus!! I thank Him for what we do not see and pray GOD HELP OUR UNBELIEF!! 

What are you believing Him for? What has promise has He made to you? Can I remind you that his Word will NOT return to Him void?! Stop looking for resources or relying on your own and trust in the Source who gave you those resources!! His bank is everlasting! He Bank is never closed, never goes bankrupt and always gives freely to those who believe along with some gifts of grace and mercy! Believe in His goodness and mercy, declare His promises for your life and watch Him deliver!! FEDEX can’t beat His timing!! 

Lord, I just want to thank You for Your goodness and mercy! Thank You for the lessons and trials You take us through to strengthen our faith! Thank You for never giving up on us and for blessing us in spite of ourselves! Thank You for OCA’s courage and faithfulness and how they care for Your children! Pour into us this week Lord as a school, and as a family! As we all get together to pray for this need, I pray that You would meet the needs of others through us and in us! Thank You for continuing to entrust these families to us and even bringing about more! Increase our faith as You increase our children and as needs arise like more teachers, a gym of our own and bigger space! Make Your Face to shine on us and make us a bright Light to this neighborhood, this city, this state and this nation! Thank You for Your perfect blessing of a bus and Lord, thank You for my perfect vehicle!! In Jesus name! Amen!

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Ultimate Loss

Yesterday was such a surreal day for me. Never in my wildest nightmares could I imagine the loss of a child. I pray I never have to. Can I be transparent? I used to cry when friends would leave for out-of-town because I wasn’t sure if I would see them again! Crazy, I know but my guess is the military moves since childhood didn’t help me either.

But the real loss of a child is so much larger than the loss of a friend moving. It’s much more definite than PCSing to another state or country. It’s, to some, it seems like it’s forever but to others it IS forever. And it hurts more than anyone will ever know, more than those of us with all living children could ever imagine.

I can remember earlier this year being on a Facebook stalk hunt and stumbling on a young cancer patient who posted regularly about her victories and encouraging others in their fights. The last post I remember from her was, “How cool. My birthday is on Easter this year!” I think the wording might have a little different and I might have added the exclamation point but you get the jest. I remember looking at that and thinking of all the issues this little girl has to face and she is excited that her birthday falls on the day we celebrate Christ being raised from the dead. How prophetic was that in hindsight because not too much later she had gone to be with Him! We will all see you soon Jessie Rees!!

I don’t know the order of events or how it even happened but not only was a child lost his life yesterday but his mom, dad, sister and other family and friends lost him as well. I walked into a hospital one way and walked out another. For me, that was a church service. Not because we prayed, there were no hymns sung or sermon preached, there was grief and mourning met with love and compassion. That to me is the epitome of Christ’s life! He met with people mourning death, poverty, debilitating sickness and pain, shame and hatred everyday that I know of. Yet he came with only compassion and love to give them, and they received it. The Griffin family could have yelled and told us to leave, curse us and point fingers for not being in contact more. But they showed us how easy it is to love. What a lesson of humility nd reality that day.

I left thinking about a lot that day. How that mom was going to make to tomorrow, how he was not going to see another sunrise or sunset, how his mom had woke up that day a mom of two and went to sleep with only one living. It’s mind-boggling how much goes on in your mind when death of a child hits close to home. You wonder if you are selfish for being thankful that your children are still alive,  you think about time already wasted and what you can do to make up. I don’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to lose a child, nor do I ever want to but I know the biggest lesson I learned that day was a verse I had read many times before in the Bible, “Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.” – Psalm 144:4. How these words rang through my ears and deeply into my soul as I listened to the sobs of a mother who had just lost her child.

I left thinking God why? How could this happen to her after everything else she had been through? I wish I was a healer right now.” But in all that, I still knew He is Sovereign. I knew He would get the glory no matter what happened. And that’s what He needs us to remember, but in the midst of that kind of storm, He hears our cries and catches our tears for us.

Cherish every little moment with your grown kids whether they are at home still or moved out. Don’t grumble when they come over to eat your fridge bare or use up all your hot water with their 4 hour shower or wash their clothes with your detergent. Why not nag when they dirty up your house? Because they made it out of their childhood, and somebody’s child didn’t.


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Welcome to my nest!

Wow! This is so exciting! My first blog in! I’m sorry, let me introduce myself while I have a quiet second. My name is Felicia, I am a single mom to three very rambunctious, very active, very much grown kids. I have two adult children, 21 and 19 (even typing that is crazy!) and one teenager (YIKES!) who is 15 going on 37. Anybody got one of those? Anyhoo, I love to write, I love to learn new things and I love to enlighten, encourage and embrace others. Most of all I love to give glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Now, don’t worry all those who cringe when you see His name. Although He will get glory from this and you will see posts about His goodness and christian sites/ items, this is about the day to day life of a…. Not So Empty Nester.

What is an “empty nester” you ask? That is a person/ people who have children who are leaving the home they grew up in to go out on their own. Much like the little birdie in the nest does when it’s time. I am not quite an empty nester because all three of my children are still here with me, but it’s coming soon. I am at that part in life where I am sad my kids are growing up and becoming less and less dependent on me and excited for what God is going to do in this next chapter of our lives.

Come take this ride with me whether you are a new parent, your nest is almost empty or your nest has been empty for quite sometime! I will be posting 3-4 times a week but they will be full of adventure, I assure you. I should make this a video blog or include some so you can see what I go through daily with my crazy kids! Glad you could come!

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