Not So Empty Nest Days

Cherishing the days past while moving towards the days ahead, BHG

Set Apart

A short blog i wrote about on 11/3/2013 and never posted. Enjoy!

What an interesting revelation this morning!! In the picture is a cup of plain water (Living Water) and oil (the world) was added. Here’s what I got as I went to go demonstrate to my son, because we are both very visual.

1. The water by itself quenches everyone’s thirst. But because of it doesn’t have color or a distinct flavor, it is not the choice of many.

2. When the oil (world) is introduced, even though it cannot mix with the water (Christ follower) no matter how hard we try, it lands on top of the water and contaminates the water so that it cannot be used to drink from (useful in the Kingdom). How contaminated are you?


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Sitting In Neutral

“I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.” Romans 12:1


The one thing I hate to do is sit in a long line or sit waiting for someone while I’m in the car. There seems to be some sort of allergic reaction I have while waiting with the car in park or neutral. I start to first itch, then I tend to get real antsy and have to keep moving, then irritation sets in and finally sleep begins to cover over me like an invisible blanket! I just don’t understand it! I can stand in long lines, I can stay on the phone waiting for a service rep to answer or remember that I’m on the phone, but I cannot wait in the car!

Yesterday, my youngest daughter (the one in recovery; see the last blog post) said something that got me thinking about life as a parent. She asked me what the purpose of neutral was. I explained that was the gear that allowed you to keep the car still but without the brake the car could still roll back and forth at will. I said that and instantly heard, “many have their lives in neutral right now.” Then I thought about it and sure enough, it’s true!

As a parent, how many times have you had to wait for your child to “do what was right” only to have them do what they want? That’s life in neutral. How many have had to wait up at night not knowing if their child would come through the door or if that dreaded knock would be at the door instead? That’s life in neutral. My life at some points has been in neutral! But there is an upside to being “in neutral”!

The neutral gear when used helps to save gas along with wear and tear on your engine. It’s way better to sit for long periods in neutral rather than in park. Here’s the spiritual aspect without getting super spiritual. When your life is in neutral, you are trusting that GOD is in control. Now granted, when in a car in neutral, you have to constantly be on the brake to avoid rolling forward or back, BUT, in a dire situation such as snowy/ icy hills (for those who don’t know or don’t drive in this white stuff) neutral is the best place to be if you don’t have 1 and 2 as an option. I can even remember my brakes going out once and neutral is what I switched to to slow down and use my emergency brake! Didn’t know that did ya?!

Jesus says that are to surrender our lives to Him (neutral living) and that includes ups and downs (being off the brakes). We may roll back or forward but we must trust that He knows what He’s doing. We are then, as the Scripture above describes, to make our bodies a “living sacrifice.” This is also neutral living because we don’t know what He will have us do, where He will tell us to go or, my issue, what He will have us give up. It’s kind of like when you are at the car wash. You pull up to get on the track and then they tell you to put your car in NEUTRAL! You have NO control at all except to ride.

Put your life in neutral today… the good way!

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Transparent Pressure (reblog)

This is a repost from my blog TransparenMe. Thank you to all those that prayed for my daughter yesterday during this trial. If you get a chance, go over and read some of those! Blessings!

“We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair;
persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed—” 2 Cor 4:8-9

This week has been a doozy! I have been in some form of spiritual attack for a while but March 1st seemed to have intensified and magnified each feat the enemy brings my way.

This last one, I thought might crush me because it involved two of my children at the same time! Anyone that knows me knows that is a way to get to me, a “weak spot” of sorts with me.

Last summer, GOD led my oldest through a trial through her job that tested her and showed her some areas of concern such as fear of man and harboring anger. As much as I wanted to step in, I knew that I could not. While I guided her as much as I was allowed, it was not my fight but that didn’t stop me from being angry at all involved.

This time around, it’s my middle and youngest being attacked and that same anger and helplessness has bubbled back up to the surface. I know that this trial is not just for them but for me as well as this is bringing up muck in me that GOD simply cannot use and wants to file away in the File 13 far away from my, and their, hearts. This verse is and will be instrumental in this victory of ours.

My son has the desire to be a teacher/ track coach/ youth minister. That is not a desire manufactured by him or his surroundings but given him by GOD. His life, on the other hand has not really afforded what one would call or see as an exemplary life that would lead to such a high calling. Thank GOD there is no man on earth who is GOD! My son has had his prodigal son moment and still has some residue being removed but has been given a new robe by GOD. During his prodigal walk, he had isolated himself, had compromised and is a father in waiting. For man, this is looked at as unacceptable for his calling and some would have him not only reminded constantly by man made consequences but also deter him to another calling that is not as high up. In this instance, is leadership in the place where he has chosen to help out with track. Through others eyes and words, he has been deemed unfit to help coach without even so much of a personal conversation, just judgment. He was “hard pressed” but not crushed and I reminded him of that. Although leadership did not take the biblical stance when having something against a person who has sinned, my son will be. Am I angry, yes. I trusted this person and because they are Christian I held them to a higher standard and forgot (just as he has done with my son) that we all fall short. Stamp this one as lesson learned.

My daughters attack has been on her health. She had what we thought was back pain, mom-diagnosed as sciatica but not because of physical strain but a spiritual attack. This entire weekend has been a tiring strain for both of is as she struggled to get comfortable and even pleaded that she only desired to sleep. Yesterday I found out differently. She had an incredibly large boil that had manufactured, it seemed, out of nowhere on her backside. I felt that anger rising up again but this time was ready! I had already that morning been in communion with GOD and renounced the spiritual root and was ready for battle. I had no idea it would be so intense. The day started with me leading her in prayer to renounce the same and to be released of the harness of burdens she was not to carry (she is a burden bearer) and she had a good day! And then we started home. An obnoxious smell (anyone with knowledge of a boil knows) filled the car and we went in search of it relentlessly but it wasn’t until my daughter got out and we saw a wet stain, did she search herself. I hope somebody got that. A spiritual boil is just as painful as a real one. To get rid of it can be even more painful as pressure needs to be applied after a cut (double edged sword) is made. There is an offense (smell) and it will need to be searched out if you are unaware of the source of your pain.

Well we found the source was this boil. I was instructed to send her to ER and more rose up in me. I hate ER, I hate germs and I hate being around sick people that don’t take care to block others from their germs (I’m being honest). But I had to get over all this to get my daughter the help needed. What a battle this was in my head! I won’t go into details of the pain and agony my child was in as they got rid of this thing as I sat with her helpless to end her pain and crying. No, I wasn’t helpless. I could have stopped them. I could have said never mind or no more. But I knew this was for the greater good.

Isn’t that how GOD is with us? Isn’t that how He was with Christ? He doesn’t sit idly by wringing His hands. He is with us, comforting us, encouraging us, never leaving or forgetting about us. One thing my daughter kept asking was “where’s nana?” I wondered why she didn’t ask where I was but then it dawned on me. She KNEW I was there! She knew I wasn’t leaving! THAT’S how GOD wants us to be! He wants us to be that confident through our trials. He reminds us of this much like I reminded my daughter in her morphine induced state of what her favorite (life) verse is… and she still knew it! John 16:33…. Which reminds us that we WILL go through things, that we can be sure of. But we can also be sure that Jesus has overcome this world and that GOD will NEVER leave us!

My daughter is still working at her job and has overcome the challenges of hiding from those who seem to be after her. My son is no worse for the ware and will nevertheless teach, coach and spread the GOOD News that Jesus can use and call anyone no matter how rugged their paths have been. My youngest daughter is coming down from the morphine high, still in pain but getting back to herself. Me? I have learned that I can’t save my kids all the time, I have hidden anger and offense and that healing is not always easy. Sometimes it comes from pain.

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