Not So Empty Nest Days

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The Beauty in Nature

on January 19, 2013

“God’s voice is glorious in the thunder. We can’t even imagine the greatness of his power.” Job 37:5

 When I was younger, I had a huge fear of thunder. I can remember jumping out of bed and either going with my brother or my parents just to be protected from this invisible being. Anything that was a decibel over a dull roll was too intense for me. I carried that into adulthood and frequently sought out someone who I felt could protect me from this menacing noise. I even, without knowing it, gave this fear to my oldest daughter. When she was younger she would venture into mine and my then husband’s room to seek comfort. I can remember one really bad storm in Omaha that produced thunder that could crack sense into a hard head all by itself! The day started out dark. It was a period when I was working after having my youngest. We had dropped the two youngest off at our friend’s house to watch them and Makaila, my oldest, at school. I remember noticing her slowly get out of the car to come give me a hug and saying to her, “Mikki, you are in a building that can protect you from the thunder, okay?” She made some mentions of the clouds being green (someone had taught her how to know when a tornado was coming, not so helpful at times like these) and what was she going to do if there was a tornado. I assured her that I was not that far away from her and her school had a plan in case such a thing happened, but that it wouldn’t. Well, there was a tornado that touched down that day, farther away from us, thank God, but the rain and wind howled so much that during the tornado warnings we had, our office had to seek shelter. Right after we were allowed to go back to work, I quickly called Makaila’s school and asked about her class and how she was doing (I love close knit, small schools). They assured me that she was fine and was back in class learning. She did inform me later on that night that she was really scared and just thought about what I had said to her, to comfort herself.

I think back to those days and wonder, if I had known this verse in the Bible, how much time I or she would not have wasted being afraid. But God isn’t only in the thunder. He is in nature itself. Society has made up this character named “Mother Nature” and she is used for several things. She is apparently the one who decides our weather, she is also the reason we have earthquakes and the like, you apparently don’t want to mess with her and mix up the order of her things, and she is also the one that apparently calls on women every month. Whew! She has a full load, doesn’t she? I am thankful that I can view nature as much more than some bipolar woman who lives in the abyss with different switches that decide whether we will have a nice day or bad one, whether it will rain or just be cloudy, all depending on her mood.

God has recently been showing me His splendor in nature. How only He can produce the colors we see at the exact time only to have them fade from orangish red into nighttime black skies or reddish orange into blue day skies or even more baffling, grey days. He is showing me the colors of flowers, the creation of things, even how our bodies work with nature. It is an incredible worship time for me and I take loads of pictures just to remember and relive that worship! He has given me talent, I am noticing, in photography and when someone finally gives me a Nikon D3200 camera kit or a Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera kit, or both, I will be publishing the pictures I take as I go from state to state. I will call it The Nature of Worship and it will be a book to remember and stop and wonder of such a God who could do these things He does!

Are you having a bad day? Are you going through a particular hardship right now? Stop and look at His wonders to allow Him to remind you of His love for you. These beautiful wonders are not for His benefit, He didn’t make them just because, He made them for us, so that we could behold His beauty and even in hard times be in awe of the greatness of His power!

God, You are the greatest Artist I know! Your artwork is something to behold yet we pass by it every day and take it for granted. Help us today to see You in nature, to stop and smell the flowers you gave us, to pull over and watch the sunrise or sunsets You don’t have to allow us to see, while we are still in the land of the living. Help us not to take You or Your power for granted. In Jesus name. amen!


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