Not So Empty Nest Days

Cherishing the days past while moving towards the days ahead, BHG

Welcome to my nest!

on June 1, 2012

Wow! This is so exciting! My first blog in! I’m sorry, let me introduce myself while I have a quiet second. My name is Felicia, I am a single mom to three very rambunctious, very active, very much grown kids. I have two adult children, 21 and 19 (even typing that is crazy!) and one teenager (YIKES!) who is 15 going on 37. Anybody got one of those? Anyhoo, I love to write, I love to learn new things and I love to enlighten, encourage and embrace others. Most of all I love to give glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Now, don’t worry all those who cringe when you see His name. Although He will get glory from this and you will see posts about His goodness and christian sites/ items, this is about the day to day life of a…. Not So Empty Nester.

What is an “empty nester” you ask? That is a person/ people who have children who are leaving the home they grew up in to go out on their own. Much like the little birdie in the nest does when it’s time. I am not quite an empty nester because all three of my children are still here with me, but it’s coming soon. I am at that part in life where I am sad my kids are growing up and becoming less and less dependent on me and excited for what God is going to do in this next chapter of our lives.

Come take this ride with me whether you are a new parent, your nest is almost empty or your nest has been empty for quite sometime! I will be posting 3-4 times a week but they will be full of adventure, I assure you. I should make this a video blog or include some so you can see what I go through daily with my crazy kids! Glad you could come!


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